Silk Pillowcase in Cutch, Limited Edition


Limited edition, naturally dyed silk pillowcases in Cutch! Cutch is derived from the Acacia Catechu Tree, a natural resource when used as a dye is light fast- meaning it won't fade or run! 
A rare neutral for us at Upstate, the warmth of Cutch brings to mind autumn leaves and warmth for a calming bedroom welcoming the seasonal shift. Tonally landing between a blush and sienna, a grounding earthen shade for peaceful rest and relaxation. 
Our silk pillowcases bridge the gap between beauty and wellness with these 100% silk charmeuse pillowcases. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase improves hair health while hypoallergenic temperature regulators moisturize your face and are known to decrease wrinkles. Designed and dyed in NYC.
What you receive will vary from the product image in tone and pattern, due to the nature of the hand dye process. 
  • Standard size: 20" x 26" with sleeve
  • 100% mulberry silk 
  • To maintain silk longevity we recommend hand washing with a gentle detergent like Meyers and hang drying

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