Indigo Dye Kit


Each kit comes with a dye mixture we have concocted in our Brooklyn studio, a silk hankie, string, and shibori tutorial (in case you want to take it a few steps further) . You can dye your hankie in this can or use a stock pot to dye up to 10 yards of fabric or 18 t-shirts. This dye mixture goes a long way! We recommend adding additional items beside your hankie to it. You can keep adding water if you want to use more than five yards but remember it will be diluted in color the more color you add. Also, pro tip! You will notice a "flower"/foam forming on the surface of the indigo. If you remove this while dyeing and then replace when finished and cover the pot the indigo will last for longer. Up to 3 days! Do not be alarmed when items come straight out of the dye bath in a fluorescent green color- they need the oxygen to take it one set further and become blue. 

Our indigo differs from the turmeric and rose color as we are using a synthetic indigo. Natural indigo is not soluble in water so it takes a considerable about of time to grind into a paste and turn into a dye bath. We have made a simple solution of pre-reduced indigo, thiox and soda ash. Normal indigo uses lye as a reducing agent which is incredibly toxic.  We have replaced with soda ash. We can guarantee the same results in a less toxic and much easier to use way.

Do not ingest this product. If it gets in your eyes rinse thoroughly with water.

We recommend using all natural fibers with this dye such as linen, silk, wool, or cotton. Keep in mind EVERY fabric responds to dye differently so colors may vary from light to dark rich blues. 

If using your own fabric we recommend washing it first in a mild detergent then soaking it in 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and hang to dry. This is not mandatory but mordanting your fabric will make your dye process more vibrant. 

 Don't be intimidated! Checkout this little tutorial here


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