Earth Sweats for Sky Ting

Earth Sweats for Sky Ting


The Earth Sweats, made of 100% organic cotton lightweight fleece, grown and woven in the USA.

Krissy from SKY TING and Kalen from Upstate not only have the same birthday (Aug 27) but also have a love for Mother Earth and comfortable, mindfully produced tie dye leisurewear. They came together to make the perfect sweatsuit to wear while doing yoga, making art, or doing nothing at all. Each piece is sewn by Upstate's skilled tailors in the garment district then dyed in indigo blue at her her Chinatown studio. We are mindful of every step of the process with the environment being the forefront!

All items are sewn in NYC by Upstate's sewers Judith and Gustavo. Dyed at the UPSTATE studio with non toxic, low-impact fiber reactive dyes. Each piece is hand dyed in small batches making each one a special one-of-a-kind piece.

Each piece is dyed in blue but uniquely different


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