Silk Pillowcase in Kokomo


Bridging the gap between beauty and wellness with these 100% washed silk pillow cases. Sleeping on a silk pillow case improves hair health while being hypoallergenic temperature regulators that moisturize your face and have been known to decrease wrinkles. Hand dyed in our new light blues and pinks reminiscent of vacation sunsets. Hand dyed, hand sewn in NYC

              • Standard size 21" x 30” with 4" hem at opening
              • King size is 20" x 36", hem at opening
              • Machine wash cold tumble dry low
              • A note on our colors!  **You may see small flecks of different colors on your item. Due to our nature of small batch dyeing each piece will have bits of residual composite colors from fibre reactive dyes which we think add beauty and uniqueness of the brand. 

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