Crewneck in Keanu


The Keanu crewneck was inspired by one of Kalen's dreams. She was living in a 6-7 foot story brownstone on the upper westside and one day realized she had never been to the 7th floor. When she entered the floor it was painted in turquoise and yellows with pops of pinks and greens. It felt as tho she entered Key West.  Keanu Reeves was sitting at the table eating a giant platter of soba noodles with crunchy romaine lettuce. He invited Kalen for a seat at the table and the two shared the platter of soba and caught up about "old times."

Each sweatshirt is hand dyed and unique. What you receive will vary from the product image in tone and pattern, due to the nature of the hand dye process.  

  • Fits true to size
  • Unisex
  • Machine wash cold tumble dry low
  • Grown and woven in North Carolina
  •  Hand dyed and sewn in NYC
  • 100% low carbon and pesticide free cotton
  • All items vary due to the nature of micro batch dyeing
  • Pre-Washed for a no shrink true fit
    • For questions on sizing, please refer to our size chart

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