Botanical Silk Blouse - Cochineal and Marigold Flowers


Introducing Our Hand-Dyed Silk Blouse: A Natural Elegance in Earthy Hues

Botanical Elegance

Our Hand-Dyed Silk Blouse are a canvas of nature's artistry, dyed with cochineal, and marigold flowers. These natural sources create a palette of soft pinks, and warm yellows that exude understated elegance. Crafted with care, this blouse captures the essence of nature's beauty.

Pure Comfort

Crafted from the finest silk, this blouse is not only a testament to style but also to comfort. The silk feels luxurious against your skin, enhanced by the natural dyes that add breathability and softness. Whether dressing up or down, it adapts effortlessly to your style, ensuring you feel comfortable all day.

Sustainability in Style

Our silk blouse is not just beautiful; it's sustainable too. By using botanical dyes, we minimize environmental impact, aligning your fashion choices with your values. Embrace the earthy colors, relish the comfort of fine silk, and make a statement of elegance and sustainability.

  • 100% Silk, 100% Natural Dye 
  • Hand wash cold and hang dry out of direct sunlight 
  • Made in NYC 
    • Measurements laying flat 
    • Shoulders - 18''
    • Length - 28.5''

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